School Data API

Do you have a website or application that would benefit from accessing our school and daycare data? If so then our new API will help.

The API returns an “XML” file listing all of the establishments within a few miles of a given postcode. Here are some examples:

All nurseries within 1 mile of postcode SE1
All primary schools within 5 miles of postcode NE1
All secondary schools within 10 miles of postcode L374BD

School Mapping

The data also contains the geographical coordinates (longditude and latitude) for the establishment, which will be very useful if you use a mapping application such as Google Maps.

Terms of use

You can make up to 200 API requests every day for free. All we ask is that you link back to Find My School from your website.

Premium API

The premium API is available to heavy users who wish to benefit from the following features:

  - Any number of API calls can be purchased
  – The API is enhanced with premium data:
    - 1) School star rating and
    - 2) School profile description.

The following premium API packs are available:

10,000 API request pack (no time limit) – £50
100,000 API request pack (no time limit) – £150
500,000 API request pack (no time limit) – £250

If this is of interest, please contact us and we will issue an invoice and premium API key to you.

Full school database

If you require a full school database for marketing purposes, please have a look at our sister-site The Schools Database