Our Ofsted-based ratings

The 5-star ratings on our website are based on a number of judgements that Ofsted made when the establishment was inspected.

Please note that our “5-star rating” system is not an official Ofsted rating. It is simply a calculation based on the key judgements contained in the Ofsted reports. When researching schools and nurseries, you should always check the official Ofsted report on the Ofsted website.

Each Ofsted report comprises a number of key judgements (from 4 to 7 judgements). We tot-up these judgements and represent it on a 5-star scale. For example:

  • If the inspector judged the school to be “Outstanding” in all categories, then it scores 5 stars.
  • If the inspector judged the school to be “Inadequate” in all categories, then it scores 0 stars.
  • If the inspector judged the school to be “Good” in half of the categories and “Satisfactory” in the other categories, then it scores 2.5 stars.

Key Judgements in Ofsted reports
There can sometimes be more than a dozen judgements in Ofsted reports, depending on how old the report is and what type of establishment has been inspected. To keep things simple and consistent, we only use the key judgements in the report. (When viewing the report, you will see that the key judgements are shown in bold or in red.). All of the other judgements feed into the key judgements, so there is no need to take those into account again.

We recommend that you examine in detail the Ofsted report for any Establishment you are interested in.

Incorrect information
If you wish to inform us that any information we are displaying is incorrect, or if you wish to have an establishment you run removed from our site, please contact us.