About Find My School

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Find My School is a unique search engine. At its foundation is a directory of around 50,000 Ofsted school inspection reports. Unlike anonymous reviews or even the national performance tables, Ofsted reports are reliable, unbiased and well-respected indicators of school quality. But, if you’ve ever seen an Ofsted report, you’ll know that they’re not much fun to read. You certainly wouldn’t want to read a few of them in order to compare schools or nurseries. So we came up with a “5-star rating” system and the only Ofsted League Table available anywhere.

The “5-star rating” system

Ofsted inspection reports comprise dozens of judgements and scores covering every aspect of school management, teaching and learning. We have developed a system for extracting these key judgements and converting them into our own 5-star rating.This rating lets us compare schools directly, with speed, simplicity and most important of all – consistency. In fact, Find My School is the only search engine of its kind.

Who are we?

The Find My School team are friends with over 30 years experience in education and IT. Our software is used by over 20,000 teachers across the world. As parents we have considerably less experience; our children are all under 5! It was the difficult process of finding reliable information about local schools and nurseries for our own children that lead us to develop this website.

Our Schools Database

Find My School is a free service. To help fund our development and hosting costs, our complete database of schools can be licenced for use in marketing campaigns and software applications. To avoid privacy concerns, we do not supply named individuals.  Please visit http://www.schooldatabase.com for more information.

Free school data API

If you have a website that could benefit from using our school data then please have a look at our school data API